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Well it's over now

The final episode of season one of Big Day aired tonight. I mean, the final episode of the series. I mean, my god, how did this show air 13 episodes and Wonderfalls and Firefly get cancelled so quickly???

Miriam pretty. Miriam very pretty. Miriam not on television every week any more. Which makes me sad and happy, all at the same time. Sad because I sort of got used to a constant flow of new Miriam into my tv every week. Happy because I don't have to be embarassed to see her have to say those horrible lines or watch her overact as a sort of method of pinching herself to stay awake while acting. A friend of mine on my flist saw it, and she'd never seen Miriam in anything else, and assumed she was a bad actress after seeing Big Day. I had to explain to her that she's actually brilliant, but basically decides to screw around and have fun when she has to work with bad material. Which makes me love her but probably hurts her career.

At least that's over. RIP Big Day. I hope your day was, um, big.


"I AM pretty!"

Holy hell, did I actually laugh at Big Day last night? The scene between Becca and Skobo (dear GOD how it hurts me to type that name as if it's something to be taken seriously) was so bizarrely ridiculous that I laughed, most especially at Miriam's delivery of "I AM pretty!"

I'm ashaaaaaamed to have almost-for-real enjoyed a scene. Kill me now.


Miriam wins UMich Emerging Artist Award

Miriam won the 2007 Emerging Artist Award for theatre from her alma mater, the University of Michigan/Ann Arbor. Maybe someone else can explain how a person can win an award for emerging fourteen years after graduating, because I don't get it!

(Okay, okay, I reread the page and I guess I get it, because to qualify you just had to have graduated within the past fifteen years - way to squeak in there, Shor! - but I still think they could come up with a better title for it.)


Bass solo!!!!!

God, suffering through Big Day all alone was so worth it this week, if only for the electric bass solo. That is not an instrument that solos well. And the cute little look Miriam... I mean Becca...gives the camera...I mean her father...when she's not done yet. And she wasn't even playing it very well, which was so obviously purpose.

Adorable. Adorable.

Of course, the day after Xmas no one saw it.

Doubling up on Big Day

ABC Doubles Up on 'Big Day'

Double the Miriam, half the time. So...with my trusty TiVo and liberal use of the fastforward and skip 30 seconds hacked button (press select play select 3 0 select and your skip to end button skips past the boring stuff 30 seconds at a time!!!) that gives us about 10 minutes of Big Day to consume every week! And I do count the fastforwarding time and the rewatching Miriam scenes time in that figure.

Do do do doooooooo, dah! dah do do doooooooooo....(This show suuuuuuucks, Mi-ri-am is hooooootttt....)

Wonder if we'll get to see the wedding at this rate. Do I care? Not really. Why not? Cuz Miriam isn't playing the bride.

'Big Day' FINALLY set to premiere.

Big Day will FIIIIINALLY premiere on Tuesday, 28 November. Read all about it here.



Welcome to the brand-spankin' new Miriam Shor community. There's more about us here. Lots of Miriam links in the left sidebar, so check 'em out, and please feel free to post relevant stuff!!!

'Swingtown' Pilot

Miriam has been cast as Jill Thompson in the CBS/Paramount pilot for Swingtown. This contract will come second to Big Day on the off-off-off-off-chance that Big Day is somehow picked up for a second season.

Already cast are Grant Show, Jack Davenport, and Lana Parilla.