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'Scarcity' at Atlantic Theater Company

Bad LJComm mod, bad! I should have posted that Miriam is appearing in Scarcity at the Atlantic Theatre from now through October 14! Go see it, NYers, and NY-visitors!

'Damages' Pilot

The new FX drama, Damages, premieres on 24 July. Miriam is listed as appearing in the pilot, so get your TiVos set!

Also, since there hasn't been anything exciting lately, enjoy a video from YouTube of Miriam's performance as Mary in the 2001 Kennedy Center production of Merrily We Roll Along. For those of you keeping score at home, the show is the whole reason I became a big devoted fangirl in the first place.

Goodbye, 'Big Day'

Interesting write-up here, especially if you hated the show as much as I did. But of note:

The standout, however, was the gorgeous maid-of-honor Miriam Shor (Yitzhak in "Hedwig and the Angry Inch"), who proved herself a very talented comedienne who kept her wits about her and acted as a sort of vantage point for the viewer, aghast at the shenanigans thrown around the show. Her rapport with best man and relative newcomer Stephen Rannazzisi was fresh and free from sitcom crap, and their eventual marriage to each other (based on a very extreme game of "dare") seemed a better story arc than the central marriage. I can't wait to see her again in next season's "Swingtown."
I'm ashamed to say I paid enough attention to argue this, but a small quibble - they didn't actually get married, did they? Yeeesh.

I owe a real post about Swingtown. Soon!


'Swingtown' picked up!

It's Upfronts Week, which practically passes for a holiday in my household. The good news is that Swingtown has already been picked up!

I assume the pilot itself will start leaking soon. Ahem.


'Shortbus' DVD

Last night I watched the Shortbus DVD (flouritephoenix and I are both listed under "Shortbus Riders" off of the main menu) and checked out some of the deleted scenes as well as the film with commentary. There's an extended version of Miriam's scene in the deleted/extended scenes, so you get a lot more of the gastrointestinal stuff. Also in the commentary of the film I learned that Miriam improvised that whole therapy session, which is, let's face it, freakin' awesome.


'The Cake Eaters' Premiere

Miriam's new film, the Cake Eaters, will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. It has been selected as a spotlight film, which is a category "created for unique out-of-competition films with well-known cast members, high-profile directors or timely subject matter". The festival takes place April 25 through May 6.

Law and Order: CI

So for a New York actress, it certainly took Miriam a million years to book a Law and Order, and she didn't even make it onto Law and Order Proper. (And who the heck is that new lead actress?)

I like getting to see her play a grown up. She is an adult, but no one ever casts her as such. She has a real arrested youth problem with the casting directors. But thank Gods, this time she became a grown up.

I thought her performance was top notch. The great thing about Law and Order is that the guest stars are the stars. I would have loved to see her get to play more off of Lee Tergesen. I also would have liked wardrobe to give her a bra that fits. She's tiny! How do you find a bra that's so tight around her back that it gave her fat rolls pushed from under it? That must have hurt. And the shirt was so thin that we could see the whole thing. That's just a bad shirt that shouldn't be on anyone, much less on a beautiful actress on television playing a classy character. It's just a big ball of wrong!

I do have to say, though, that my Junior High obsession with the word "defenestrate" made me squeal with glee when her character was not only defenestrated, but the actual word was used on the show. I mean, it's horrible to see Miriam Shor go splat on a sidewalk, yadda yadda yadda, but she was defenestrated! For serious!

But mostly I was glad to see her play a grown up and get to actually act. She had no reason to overact because she wasn't bored and didn't have to fuck around to entertain herself. She just got to act.

Too bad no one saw it because no one watches L&O: CI, new cast edition.


Close/Danson Legal Project?

Uh, that's a legal television show project. Glenn Close and Ted Danson haven't, like, become lawyers and set up shop in a bowling alley or anything. Anyways, the reason it's important to US is that Miriam has been cast in a featured part in the pilot. It looks like a one-episode deal, as she'll be a regular cast member on Swingtown this fall.

So yay for Miriam! This is a lot of TV for us to look forward to. Do you guys think it's weird though how Michael Starr always knows when Miriam is shooting something? Is he her stalker? I mean, I adore Miriam but she's not exactly famous enough to garner much coverage.

Miriam in 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent'

According to the Starr Report, Miriam will be starring on an upcoming episode of L&O:CI. It's too bad no one watches it anymore!!

Also, semi off-topic, does anyone understand what the hell is up with the spacing/grammar issues in the Starr Report? It always separates the most random words with spaces and hyphens. ALWAYS. It freaking makes me crazy. So if Michael Starr is reading this, sir, I beg of you, STOP DOING THIS PLS THX OK BYE.


New Beverly Double Shor feature

This weekend, at the New Beverly in Los Angeles, there was a double feature of Shortbus and Hedwig. A double dose of Miriam, showing her Hedwig-ian complements of herself to herself: Miriam as a prude in pearls and a sweater set and Miriam dressed as an Eastern European dude.

It wasn't nearly as much fun as a Hewig Midnight showing, because singing along was a little frowned upon. (Thank Gods there aren't Shortbus midnight showings, because I'm not sure I could deal with that floor show.) But I got to play my favorite game when it comes to looking at her in that movie. You look at the whole face and she's actually really handsome. Then you look just at her eyes and you can see the pretty woman underneath. It's like that thing where you can see the face and the vase, but only one at a time. Thus is so with handsome/pretty Miriam Shor.

My other question with Shortbus is that when the therapist stops listening to her talking and runs off into the woods of her mind and doesn't have yet another orgasm, what, exactly, is Miriam's character seeing?

And what is it like to be the only character in that movie who has no sex and keeps all her clothes on?