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Goodbye, 'Big Day'

Interesting write-up here, especially if you hated the show as much as I did. But of note:

The standout, however, was the gorgeous maid-of-honor Miriam Shor (Yitzhak in "Hedwig and the Angry Inch"), who proved herself a very talented comedienne who kept her wits about her and acted as a sort of vantage point for the viewer, aghast at the shenanigans thrown around the show. Her rapport with best man and relative newcomer Stephen Rannazzisi was fresh and free from sitcom crap, and their eventual marriage to each other (based on a very extreme game of "dare") seemed a better story arc than the central marriage. I can't wait to see her again in next season's "Swingtown."
I'm ashamed to say I paid enough attention to argue this, but a small quibble - they didn't actually get married, did they? Yeeesh.

I owe a real post about Swingtown. Soon!